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Website translation

Our professional translators will translate and optimize your website into chosen language. Our agency also offers localization and adaptation of websites to the Russian area of the Internet and Russian target groups.

Why website translation may be important.

There are over 100 million non-English-speaking people currently using the Internet. By 2007, non-English speakers will generate more than half of all international e-commerce. To maximize your website's marketing potential, it needs to be presented in more than one language.

Recent studies reveal that surfers are three times more likely to carry out a transaction on a site that communicates its contents in their own language. Addressing people in their mother tongue helps to generate new business and compels surfers to return to your site.

For example: A company whose website is translated into German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and English can reach over 90% of the online population.

Websites need care and attention to focus them to your target audience in their own language.


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