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Our Team

There are more than 180 names of translators & interpreters, and more than 10 translation agencies & bureaus in our database.

We are dedicated to provide translation and interpreting services of high quality standards that’s why the policy of our agency is to work only with qualified translators and interpreters with sufficient knowledge and experience in specific areas.

We apply strict requirements to our employees, some among them are:

- qualification in translation and interpreting – not less than 5 year full-time study at the government approved and well-known universities and colleges:
- experience – not less than 3 years in the area of expertise or not less than 5 years overall experience in translation and/or interpreting.

Our Team (full time translators & interpreters)

Avdeyev Nikolay.
Nikolay is a qualified translator & interpreter with proficiency in two foreign languages English & French. He graduated from Samara State Pedagogical University, where he successfully completed the course of study on the faculty of foreign languages. Nikolay’s overall experience in translating & interpreting is more than 10 years. He specializes in English – Russian – English translating & interpreting and French – Russian – French translating.
Nikolay joined our team in 2005. He is very experienced in the following areas: Marketing & Advertisement, Information Technology, Oil & Gas industry, Law & Litigation Support. Nicolay often takes part in text materials proofreading and editing, translation and localization of websites and advertising text materials for Russian target groups.

Zhevnov Vladislav.
Vladislav is an excellent translator of technical texts from German into Russian and vice versa. Technical and engineering documentation, specifications and manuals, as well as contracts, agreements and business correspondence are not only his areas of expertise but also spheres of his professional interests. Vladislav has more than 6 years post qualified experience.
Vladislav was graduated from Saratov State Technical University with qualification of translator and interpreter in the technical area.

Kasatkina Irina.
Irina obtained her qualification in translating and interpreting on the faculty of foreign languages of the Samara Pedagogical University. She has proficiency in French and English languages. Irina is more than 12 years in the profession and joined our team in 2004. Her favorite areas in translating are Tourism, Advertising & PR, Law & Litigation Support, Banking & Finance.
However Irina is the leading specialist in the area of interpreting service. She really enjoys her work and always keens to achieve the best possible result to the full satisfaction of the clients.

Krovtsov Leonid.
Leonid is the most experienced translator from English into Russian languages and vice versa, having worked in the translation industry for over 17 years. Leonid has extensive experience in many different areas. As such, Leonid has an exceptional grasp of the issues surrounding Construction Industry, Engineering, Manufacturing, IT, Software, Internet, Insurance, Oil and Gas Industry, Power Industry, Fashion and Textiles, Healthcare Products, Agricultural Machinery and Equipment.
Lionid worked with our agency as a freelance translator since 2004, and joined our team in 2006 as a full-time employee.
Leonid often takes part in text materials proofreading and editing, translation and localization of websites and advertising texts for Russian target groups.
Education - Far Eastern State University, faculty of foreign languages, Vladivostok.

Petrukhin Aleksey.
Aleksey is one of the most qualified translators & interpreters with the proficiency not only in English language but also in such a rare language as Chinese. His experience in translating & interpreting is more than 9 years. Aleksey joined our team in 2002 as a full-time member.
Aleksey was qualified as translator & interpreter after the completion of his degree on the faculty of foreign languages at the Military University, Moscow.
Aleksey has obtained extensive hands-on experience in translating of a wide range of contracts, operation/maintenance/repair/assembly/disassembly manuals, technical specifications, financial documentation, technical documentation, in marketing, advertisement, finance, banking, engineering, auto industry, chemistry, gas & oil industry areas, as well as in consecutive interpreting in technical, legal, business areas. Aleksey often takes part in text materials proofreading and editing, translation and localization of websites and advertising texts for Russian target groups.

Timokhina Olga.
Olga is a qualified English – Russian - English translator & interpreter having eight years experience. Olga obtained her qualification from the International Academy of Business and Banking, Tolliatti, Russia and joined our agency in 2006.
She has extensive experience in translating of all types of documents in the areas of Banking & Finance, Law & Litigation Support, Advertising & PR. Olga’s education helps her not only to translate but also be an expert in the following areas:
- Credit agreements, bond issue documents; delivery contracts, exclusive distribution agreements, representation agreements, sale and purchase contracts, articles of incorporation;
- Tender documents, credit notes, letters of credit, payment guarantees, dunning notes, invoices, proposals & requests;
- Market reviews, country reports & forecasts, advertising material, press-releases & media info, etc.


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